FAQ's about Insurance and Fees

Does Dr. Killion participate with any insurances?

Dr. Killion currently participates only with Medicare. He does not participate with Aetna/US Healthcare or any of the Blue Cross or Blue Shield products.

I have Personal Choice - is anything covered by my insurance?

Any lab tests or X-rays that Dr. Killion orders are billed to your insurance. Only Dr. Killion's fee and the cost of tests done specifically in the office are not covered. These would contribute toward your "out-of-network" deductible. We provide K2 patients with a copy of their bill and instruct people how to submit it to their insurance companies for possible reimbursement. If patients have met their out-of-network deductible, they should receive at least some portion of the cost of the visit.

How much does it cost to see Dr. Killion?

We have two programs for non-medicare patients, the K1 and K2 Retainer programs. We also have a Medicare Retainer Program. Medicare guidelines require us to submit bills to Medicare for office visits which usually result in a very small fee. Please click on Retainer Program for more information.

What if I get admitted to the hospital?

The same situation applies. Hospitalization is covered by your  insurance as usual, along with any lab tests and X-rays. Only Dr. Killion's fee is usually not covered (except for Medicare Pts). This usually winds up being a small fraction of the cost of being hospitalized.